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{{item.id}} {{item.name}} {{item.single_line_address}} {{item.phone}} {{item.emails.join()}} {{item.website}} {{item.fan_count}}
{{item.id}} {{item.name}} {{item.description | limitTo:100 }} {{item.email}} {{item.privacy}}
{{item.id}} {{item.name}} Street: {{item.location.street}}, City: {{item.location.city}}, State: {{item.location.state}}, Country: {{item.location.country}}, Zip: {{item.location.zip}} MAP
{{item.id}} {{item.name}} {{item.age_range}} {{item.email}} {{item.gender}} {{(item.devices) | json}}
{{item.id}} {{item.name| limitTo: 50}} {{item.attending_count}} {{item.place.name}} {{item.owner.name}} {{item.type}} {{item.start_time}} - {{item.end_time}}

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